1. Back to the Basics runs a healthy tiffin service, snacks and takes on catering orders in Pune. I specialise in making wholegrain organic foods that are full of nutrition, full of fiber and full of goodness. My foods are all trans fat free, contain no cholesterol and I do not use any of the following: Maida, white rice, white sugar, white bread, white atta.
  2. My foods help people manage work stress and related conditions like diabetes, hyper tension and heart disease. The health advantages of a vegan diet have been confirmed by numerous doctors and nutritionists. A vegan diet strengthens the immune system and promotes longevity, health, intelligence and balance. It has a preventative affect against cancer, as well as coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  3. I provide organic, nutritious, wholegrain, oil free lunches as well as snacks for the afternoon time munchies, when people typically tend to eat anything at hand, with no thought to how unhealthy it may be. All my items are made of natural, unprocessed, wholegrain, organic ingredients.

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